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Electric Tailgate HotBag accessories give you several options for bringing hot, home cooked food to the parking lot and keeping it oven hot.

AC Power Adapter
With the Tailgate HOTBAG AC power adapter, you can keep home cooked food oven hot indefinitely. The 6' AC power cord plugs into any 110v outlet to supply constant power to the HOTBAG without draining a battery when the vehilce is shut off. The cord from the transformer to the HOTBAG is also 6' long for a full 12' of reach.

$79.95   plus s&h

Electric HOTBAG Battery Clamp
The Electric Tailgate HOTBAG Battery Clamp lets you connect directly to your battery (or your neighbors) to power the HOTBAG. The Battery Clamp has a 10' cord with a quick release connection at the HOTBAG. Bring along a spare 12v battery and the Tailgate HOTBAG can literally go anywhere to keep food oven hot.

$18.95   plus s&h

HOTBAG Replacement Power Cord
This is an exact replacement of the 6' 12v power cord that comes standard with every Electric Tailgate HOTBAG.  This cord has a lighted on/off switch for added convenience.

$19.95   plus s&h