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We know Tailgate Hotbags are great for keeping home cooked food oven-hot, here's what some of our customers have to say....


When my husband decided that he was going to compete among both amateurs and professionals at the first ever Arkansas Cornbread Festival in Little Rock, we were concerned about how we were possibly going to keep cornbread warmed for roughly 800-3000 individuals.

Then to my most pleasant surprise, I seek and discovered the Large Side Loading Tailgate Hotbag. To be honest with you, at first I was very skeptical. I thought, could this (or does this) thing actual do what it claims. Could it be possible. But with the event far approaching, I realized that we had no choice but to take a chance on this item (especially since I could not find anything else even remotely comparable to what it claimed to offer).

So, did it meet our expectations: No, "IT EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS"!!!

Not only were we able to pack five large (I mean very large) cast iron skillets of "Terry's Cracklin Cornbread" in this hotbag, but it kept it oven warm over the entire 6-hour event. WOW, I was most pleasantly surprised and my husband was completed shocked (but most elated).

And the icing on the cake, "HE WON"!!! My husband took top honors as an amateur cook (among both amateurs and professionals) at the first ever Arkansas Cornbread Festival in Little Rock (http://www.katv.com/story/15969041/1st-arkansas-cornbread-festival). And I have no doubt that having hot cornbread (not to mention the best tasting cornbread) - thanks to Tailgate Hotbag - made a most invaluable difference.

So, I would strongly (without any hesitation) recommend the Tailgate Hotbag. In my opinion, every family should have one. And it is definitely an item my husband and I plan to enjoy and utilize for years to come.

And although the Tailgate Hotbags come with the 12 v power vehicle cord, let me also strongly recommend purchasing the AC power adapter (like we did). Because having both of these alternate adapters afforded us the chance to keep Terry's cornbread warmed at our house, and continually warmed during its transport to the festival, and then continuous warmed throughout this event. We just continued alternating power adapters as needed.

And in the event you do have questions (like I did concerning an extra accessory included with this package), Tailgate Hotbag's customer service is bar none the best. When I had a question around 7 am on the Saturday morning of Terry's cornbread competition, I emailed Gary at Tailgate Hotbag. And to my most pleasant surprise, he called me back (remind you on a Saturday morning) within 15 minutes. WOW, if that is not excellent customer service, then what is!!!

Bottom-line, the "Tailgate Hotbag" is a must have for every household and I assure you that you (like both my husband and me) will be of the utmost satisfied!!!

Gary, thanks again. If anytime in my recent experience I have been elated and most pleased in purchasing an item, it is this one. Your Tailgate Hotbags simply rock.

Thanks and God Bless, Michele

Michele Wright, Ph.D.

This is the second bag we have purchased from you. Great product!



Thanks so much for your great customer service. Happy Holidays!!

April J.


November 12, 2011

Got a good dip recipe

Share your favorite hot dip that is best when served oven-hot with other tailgaaters.  We'll put it on our recipes page and give you full credit.

3:31 pm est


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