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Visit these web site for more products and information on tailgating


TAILGATER MONTHLY MAGAZINE is devoted entirely to tailgaters and the tailgating experience.  Whether you're a football fan, a follower of NASCAR or you just like parking lot parties, this is THE magazine that covers it all.


TAILGATING SUPPLIES.COM is an incredible resource for everything you need to tailgate.  Check them out..


TAILGATING.COM welcomes you to the celebration in the parking lot.  Joe Cahn, the Commisioner of Tailgating travels around the country reporting on the tailgating world.  A great fan site for news, gear, recipes and updates from the parking lot.


Visit LET'S GO TAILGATING.COM for some new and interesting tailgating items.  another great resoruce.

Sunbelt Inflatable Tents for tailgating

Sunbelt Inflatable Tents will turn your tailgate gathering into party headquarters.  Customize yours with special graphics and colors.


This site has loads of great ideas for better tailgating and great insight into new products (ours).



This is a great site for the tailgate chef.  Lots of really good recipes, tailgate happenings and news.  Match the recipes here with some home-cooked appetizers brought to the party in the Tailgate Hotbag.

Play Washers with Willy

Flip 'em or toss 'em, just get the washers in the cup.  It's a great game for tailgating or in the backyard.  Check it out.

Tailgating 101: A guide to America's best parking lot parties

Here's a nice overview of tailgating by Gogobot, worth a read.

Look for more great tailgating web sites that will be added as we grow.